French drain

What is a French drain?

The French drain or foundation drain is a pipe installed at the base of the foundations and whose role is to control the level of the ground water equally. This is a drainage system that channels and discharges water under the basement floor, thus protecting the structure from water infiltration from hydrostatic pressure. The French drain must be installed at a specific location in order to respect the building code standards and ensure its efficiency. When it is in good working order, well maintained and installed by a team of professionals, the French drain ensures a dry, less humid basement and prevents the proliferation of mold.

Installation de drain français extérieur

Types of French drains

There are 3 types of French drains in Quebec:

The installation can be done according to 2 methods:

Types of French drain

Why you should install a French drain?

French drain, a word more and more known in the housing field. Unfortunately neglected by most new home builders, the drainage system is a high necessity protection for your foundation.
A poorly installed or crushed French drain can cause serious damage to your building as a failing drainage system causes high humidity levels in the basement. The appearance of mold is often the result of a defective French drain.

According to the APCHQ and the current building code, the useful life of a French drain should be 30 years. Obviously, a poorly installed French drain will last much less than that. When a drain is installed by our teams, we use rigid BNQ drains and we use the best technology available. The life of the drain could far exceed that specified by the building code if the nature of the soil in place allows it."

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Signs that your French drain needs to be replaced

When the French drain fails, several signs can be identified as indicators. The most common index is often the increase in humidity in the basement. While moisture can be dissipated with appliances, it is still very likely that the foundation of your home is cracked or that the French drain is missing. Rapid intervention is therefore necessary.

Suspicious odours or stains from fungi or moulds on the walls, the efflorescence of the concrete, and the appearance of several cracks in the foundation are also other indicators that the French drain may be lacking.

Signes que votre drain français doit être remplacé

Subsidies and tax credits

There are a few government programs and municipal grants for the installation of French drains. However, the programs and grants change every year. It is important to check the availability of the program in your city to determine what might apply based on the eligibility criteria of the city in question. The city of Montreal currently offers the Renoplex program

The provincial government currently offers a grant that could apply to the French drain when the homeowner decides to insulate the foundation from the outside.

Grants and tax credits for the installation or replacement of a French drain

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