Driven pile foundations

In recent years, more and more municipalities and sectors of the Greater Montreal area have been facing soil movement problems, particularly due to the presence of clay or unstable soil on their territory. Some municipalities now require that all new constructions on their territory be stabilized before building in order to avoid any risk of subsidence of houses and buildings. It is in this case that driven piles are most often used.

When to use driven piles

There are different situations that require building a structure on a ground that does not have the bearing capacity to support it:

  • when the land chosen for the structure to be built is too steep or is at risk of landslides
  • when there is a need for a house extension
  • to install a sheet pile system to retain soil during an excavation project
  • to build a wood retaining wall (interpile sheeting) to retain walls or soils during construction

Driven pile foundation for new construction

Benefits of using driven piles in construction

Anticipating the stabilization of your foundations allows you to benefit from a number of advantages, including

  • the assurance of having a stable structure over time
  • the freedom to build on any soil or terrain
  • more economical than piling after construction

Driven pile installed

steps for construction on driven piles

The installation of driven piles before the construction of a house or a building requires several steps of verification and installation:

  • the realization of a detailed plan designed by an engineer
  • Obtaining construction permits from the municipality concerned
  • the surveying of the piles by a land surveyor
  • the driving of the piles
  • excavation of the trench
  • shaving the piles to the desired depth and placing the pile heads

Machine installing driven pile foundation

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