Foundation Waterproofing

Concrete foundation waterproofing

Despite what we do as an image of concrete, it is not watertight. On the contrary, a submerged concrete for a long period of time becomes like a sponge which will cause it to disintegrate. There are several products on the market for waterproofing concrete. Self-adhesive membranes, welded membranes, nailed membranes, trowelled membranes, and sprayed membranes.

Our years of experience in waterproofing foundations and our research have led us to adopt a solid, flexible, weather-resistant product that is good for the long term.

delta ms protection d'un mur

Watertight elastomeric membrane

Our sprayed elastomeric membrane can be applied at all temperatures and will adhere to concrete as if it had just been poured. Its properties allow it to remain flexible despite our great colds. Unlike the majority of colourful products on the market, the Premium Rubber Membrane has proven its worth in Quebec. Being a liquid membrane, it embraces all the impurities and imperfections of concrete.

Not all types of membranes on the market can withstand water and moisture as our sealing membrane does. The Premium Rubber Membrane makes the exterior of the foundation 100% waterproof, reducing the formation of mould in the basement. We love working with this foundation waterproofing technique and it ensures a well done quality of work. We guarantee its waterproofing of the basement walls for 30 years after its application.

Premium Rubber Membrane

Type of applications

Depending on the type of foundation we have to deal with, we can adapt our techniques specifically to meet the need for it. Whether it’s a rubble foundation, a concrete block foundation, a poured concrete foundation, or a stone-on-stone foundation, our elastomeric membrane adapts to all surfaces. The Premium Rubber Membrane can also fill a void in a foundation wall. Since it is an instantaneous liquid membrane, we can choose the thickness we want to apply. For a regular concrete foundation we apply 2 layers. For a more damaged foundation, we can apply up to ½’’ thickness making the waterproofing system optimal in the long term. When we have a foundation that requires special attention, our engineers and technologists will be able to establish an execution plan to protect the owner’s investment.

Improper application of a product or improper technique can make the situation worse very quickly, which is why we do not hesitate to consult an engineer during particular infiltration problems.

membrane élastomère pour une fondation en peirre

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