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Are you a company or individual looking for a company that will take charge of your excavation site? Bet on a team of experienced professionals, appreciated for its know-how, as evidenced by its list of big contracts. Lesage Excavation has many years of experience at the service of well-done work!

Lesage excavation and the art of excavating!

When it comes to working with heavy equipment on a residential lot, we are equipped to meet the most thorough. Mini-excavators with plastic caterpillar or protective equipment for pavers and grass, our employees know how to use every material at their disposition to do a remarkable job.

Our experience in the field of residential drainage has allowed us to become a leader in this and that is why so many people and companies refer us to their friends and families. From your first call, you’ll immediately be taken over by one of our project manager and will be accompanied throughout your project regardless of size.

“Whether you are a new home owner or for a renovation, our heavy equipment fleet is adapted to meet all your needs.”


Our excavation services

In addition to residential and commercial excavation services, Lesage Excavation offers a wide range of related services to answer all your need.


When it comes to working with heavy equipment on a residential lot, we are equipped to perform the most thorough work. Mini-excavators with plastic caterpillar or protective equipment for pavers and grass... READ MORE

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You may have pyrite in your home. If this is the case, when in contact with water and oxygen, it swells the granular fill (rock) under your slab and creates pressure on your foundations... READ MORE

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In the residential field, the main cause of contamination is a former presence of oil tank. In the past decades, many homes had underground oil tanks. These tanks were made of steel. Over time the corrosion attacked... READ MORE

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LESAGE EXCAVATION has diversified its services by also offering companies and municipalities an estimate department. From the sewers installations to the building construction... READ MORE

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Depuis plus de 50 ans les entrepreneurs québécois installent ces drains autour des fondations. Le principal rôle du drain français est de contrôler les variations du niveau de la nappe phréatique... READ MORE

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Lorsque vous avez un doute sur l’efficacité et le bon fonctionnement d’un de vos tuyaux, le meilleur moyen d’avoir votre réponse est d’effectuer une inspection par caméra... READ MORE

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Membranes and cracks

La plupart des membranes bitumineuses (goudron) finiront par craquer et perdre leur efficacité. La membrane giclée demeure la seule protection... READ MORE

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Despite the common belief regarding concrete, it is not waterproof. In contrast, a concrete submerged for a long period of time becomes like a sponge which leads it to disintegrate... READ MORE

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TAX CREDIT 2016-2017

With the eco-friendly technology that Lesage Excavation uses, receive up to 10,000$ in tax credit. The work must be completed and paid between March 17th, 2016 and October 1st, 2017.

Call one of our experts to know the operation and visit the website of Revenu Québec to see if you meet the eligibility criteria!

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