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Your garage slab or basement floor is very unstable and seems to be higher in some places? Your home was built before the 2000’s? Several cracks are visible on your foundation?

You may have pyrite in your home. If this is the case, in contact with water and oxygen, it swells the granular fill (rock) under your slab and creates pressure on your foundations. Despite the fact that it is not harmful to health, when the foundations are cracking, water infiltration will happen and it can create mold , which is harmful for the respiratory tract.

Sampling tests may be done to confirm its presence when undergoing a hidden defect inspection, but a simple visual inspection is usually sufficient to confirm the damages.

To ensure proper aging of the building and to stop the process, the concrete slab must be broken, the contaminated rock must be removed, and cracks must be repaired and stabilized. Once the entire removal procedure is done, we can proceed to fill with certified filling and the slab can be poured again. This way you can make sure to live in a healthy environment. Over the years, we have carried out hundreds of such projects and have completed all of them safely and professionally.

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