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Whether the presence of a contamination is known or not while executing the work, there are procedures to ensure its proper management.


In the residential area, the main cause of contamination is the former presence of an oil tank. In the past decades, many homes had underground oil tanks. These tanks were made of steel, and over time, the corrosion attacked and micro-leaks were formed. Gradually the contamination was spreading without even realizing it. These tanks were condemned and forgotten. When a current owner wishes to perform excavation work around the house and such a tank or reservoir is discovered, the smell is nauseating. Calling experts like LESAGE EXCAVATION in situations like these is crucial as we will do the transportation of the contaminated material at specialized site, for a competitive cost.


In the commercial area, soil contamination is more common. A company may have operated on a site for several years and certain uncommon products or even metals may have been gradually thrown to the ground. When the same company or a new owner wants to expand the building itself, they must do a soil test. You will then find out the presence of a contamination. The excavated soil must all be transported and placed in a decontamination site where it will be treated again and buried safely. We performed multiple decontamination projects of all magnitudes. We offer a free quotation service and have several references for soil testing.


In case of contamination, it is necessary to call in experts who have the resources and equipment to decontaminate. We will allow you to save money and time by the speed of project implementation.

In the 1960’s, the majority of contractors and builders used asbestos in commercial and residential buildings. Over time, it was discovered that asbestos is extremely harmful to health. When handled, its micro particles become volatile and when inhaled, they lodge in the lungs and remain there for good. Many workers develop asbestosis and unfortunately it is a major cause of respiratory cancers.

When these buildings suffer losses today or when they require major renovations the removal of the contaminated materials must be done with white gloves. Protective Tents should be mounted and products should be used to shoot down the dust. All our equipment are cabin filter fitted to secure the operator and we are trained in asbestos removal.

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