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French drain, a word more and more known in the field of housing. Unfortunately neglected by the majority of new home builders, the drainage system is the protection that your foundations will not be flooded. A poorly installed or crushed french drain can cause serious damage to your building.


If your home was built in the 1970s or earlier, there are chances of it being fitted with a French drain made of clay tiles or may not even have a drain. If this is the case, it would be important to inspect your drainage system. A French drain composed of clay is not equipped with mechanical joints between the tiles and it can let soil and roots infiltrate very easily. Furthermore, after 50 years in soil, the waterproofing on your foundation certainly needs to be checked to make sure that the concrete will not degrade prematurely.

At Lesage excavation, we use materials of the highest quality. Unlike most of our competitors, we install BNQ type drains. This material is much more resistant and provides an opportunity to significantly better cleaning.

Two-inch (2in.) styrofoam boards are applied against the foundation to act as a cushion for the foundation during freezing and thawing and to improve the energy performance of the building.

The majority of drainage companies offer draining membranes. We do not use these membranes as they have many faults. They look good and give the impression of protecting the foundation, but in fact do the opposite. They are installed with nails and every hammer hit weakens the membrane. 50% of the time, the nail will not adhere well to the foundation and will perforate the membrane, creating a direct access to the water to go inside the building.

In addition, due to our harsh climate, these membranes crack almost 100% of the time. These cracks and spacing become an inconvenience for waterproofing foundations because it let go the water directly on the nail damaged membrane.

“ We prefer to use materials designed for our conditions and that has proven effectiveness. Trust our team and enjoy our excellent 20 year warranty. You can sleep dry and soundly. ”

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