“ LESAGE EXCAVATION is a business respectful of laws and regulations. ”

/ Recommended CAA Québec

/ Certified Réno-Maître


That is why we have a complete liability insurance of 2 000 000$ and members of the Association Provinciale de Constructeurs d'Habitations du Québec Inc.*


You will find, below, information concerning the advantages of doing business with a contractor with a valid R.B.Q. licence.

According to law, it is now mandatory to have a Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (R.B.Q.) licence to become a business owner in the construction field.

Having a licence entails:

  1. Having passed the following skill tests: administration, construction techniques, security and laws/regulations.
  2. Having provided the Régie with 20 000$ of endorsement to compensate clients in case of fraud, embezzlement or diversion of funds.
  3. Being creditworthy.

The disadvantages to have unreported work done:

  • No receipt;
  • No official contract;
  • No guarantee;
  • No appeal to the Régie in case of fraud or if the project goes wrong.

When having an estimate done, ask to see the R.B.Q. licence. Write down the number and the categories. The clerk at the Régie will gladly inform you if the contractor is in order.

LESAGE EXCAVATION has a general and specialised contractor licence for the following categories :

General Contractor Category

  • 1.4 Road and Sewer
  • 1.5 Civil engeneering works structure contractor

Specialised Contractor Category

  • 2.2 Undrilled well water abstraction works
  • 2.4 Independant disposal system
  • 2.5 Excavation and earthwork
  • 2.7 Location work
  • 3.2 Small concrete work
  • 4.2 Nonstructural marble and ceramic masonry work
  • 5.2 Metallic Structures
  • 6.2 Wood and plastic work
  • 7 Insulation Sealing roofing and exterior siding
  • 8 Doors and Windows
  • 9 Finishing work
  • 11.2 Equipment and special products
  • 12 Cabinets and counter tops
  • 13.5 Special or prefabricated installations
  • 17.2 Telephone Intercommunication and surveillance


Our business is also approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers. For more information regarding the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, click on their logo.

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