Here is the list of currently offered positions at Lesage Excavation :


Job description

Lesage Excavation, constantly evolving in its area of activity, is seeking an Estimator. The estimator provides plan and quotation reading services and furniture and/or project realisation cost estimates.

Role and responsibilities:

  • Plan and quotation reading;
  • Prepares estimates according to potential contracts, quotations, diagrams and specifications;
  • Prepares the spending state, regular interval cost-budget comparisons during the project (project monitoring);
  • Acts as a liaison, consultation and communication agent with the engineers, designers, architects, owners, contractors and subcontractors;
  • Prepares economic feasibility studies on change and adjustments to expenditure forecast;
  • Assists the project manager in the coordination of construction projects and the elaboration of timelines.

Requirements/work condition:

  • Civil Engineering technique (Diploma of College Studies);
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in similar position;
  • Good problem solving capacity;
  • Understanding of various project related documents, reading and interpretation to extract relevant information;
  • Comfortable with the computer system;
  • Teamwork;
  • Customer satisfaction oriented;
  • Bilingual (French, English) mandatory.

Required experience:

Minimum 2 years in a similar position.


Job description

Lesage Excavation, constantly evolving in its area of activity, is seeking a Mechanical Shovel Operator.

  • Operate the machinery provided by Lesage Excavation
  • French drain / Sewer / Aqueduct / Commercial work
  • Periodical machinery maintenance

Requirements/work condition:

  • Good problem solving capacity;
  • Teamwork and capacity to adapt to various situations.

40h/week. Salary to be discussed

Requirements/work condition:

Miniumum of 2 years experience in a similar position.


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