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When you have a doubt about the effectiveness and proper functioning of one of your pipes, the best way to get your answer is to proceed to an inspection by camera.

Thanks to our the cutting edge equipment, we can easily find your problem, locate and provide the necessary estimate to solve it. Our highly trained technician will explain in detail the source and the corrective measures needed.


After several decades, It is normal for the piping under the slab of the house or under the soil to have suffered from soil movement. The de-fitting of links in the pipe lengths can cause backups or simply can end up collapsing. Mostly, the displacement of the pipes is caused by the roots. Our detection equipment can identify and locate exactly where they are. This way we can move shears or excavate to a specific location to replace a section of the pipe.


A handwritten report is handed with each inspection as well as a DVD. If there is a legal cause or an insurance case ,we will provide a detailed report.

« Whether it's for your new house or renovating, our range of heavy equipment is tailored to meet all your requirements. »

See where is the problem!

We have recently put on YouTube some videos taken at customer's during our inspections by camera. Hopefully it will confirm you to what extent an inspection by camera can be effective to find the problems which hide in your pipes.

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